What Kind of Parking Do I Need?

Business District Parking
Parking within the business district is regulated with a combination of parking meters, parking kiosks, and limited permit programs.  Parking regulations in the business district are enforced by two Parking Enforcement Officers.  Metered parking is enforced Monday-Friday from 8AM to 6PM. Parking permits for Employees in the Business District can be obtained through the Employee Parking Permit Program. Call (856) 429-4700 extension 250 with any questions.

Employee Parking Permit Program
The Employee Parking Permit Program applies only to municipal parking lots, not on-street parking.  These permits are limited and available on a first come, first served basis to employees of Haddonfield businesses. Applications for these permits can be obtained at the Haddonfield Information Center for a cost of $40 per permit (limit 5 per company). Call (856) 429-4700 extension 250 with any questions.


Temporary Overnight Parking Permission

Borough Ordinance prohibits on-street parking from 1AM to 5AM.  Temporary permission may be requested by submitting a temporary overnight parking form or by calling (856) 784-9161.  This permission is granted for up to seven (7) individual days per month.  For situations requiring more than seven (7) days, please refer to the Overnight Parking Permit information below or contact Police Administration Office at (856) 429-4700 extension 250 for additional information. 



Overnight Parking Permit

Borough Ordinance prohibits on street parking from 1AM to 5AM. Overnight Parking Permits are available to Haddonfield residents who present the need for on-street parking. Permit applications are evaluated before permits are issued. Complete the application through the Parking Portal. Contact the Haddonfield Police headquarters at (856) 429-4700 extension 250 for additional information. 



Handicapped Parking

Residents needing to apply for a temporary handicapped parking placard must complete the NJMVC application. Completed applications must be brought to the Haddonfield Police Department with a check in the amount of $4 payable to NJ MVC.  NO OTHER FORM OF PAYMENT IS ACCEPTED.  Approved applications will be issued a temporary parking permit valid for 6 months. Permits maybe be recertified one time for a period not to exceed 6 months. 

NJ MVC Application for Temporary Placard

Pay A Parking Ticket
Pay Parking Ticket Online

Parking tickets can be paid in person at the Audubon Municipal Court located at:

          606 West Nicholson Road

          Audubon, New Jersey 08106 
You can call (856) 547-0712 with any questions or concerns regarding parking or traffic violations.